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Birthday Party Prediction - Ken Scott & Silly Billy

The magician shows three large pictures of things found at a birthday party - A birthday cake, a stack of presents and a bouquet of multicoloured balloons. He places the three pictures into a folder. Saying the magic words, he removes the picture of the presents followed by the picture of the cake. And claims that the picture of the balloons has disappeared. The children know better and insist that the balloon picture is still in the folder. He removes the remaining card but it is a picture of the word “POP!” The children insist that he turns the picture around. He agrees to show the back of the card but first asks the birthday child what his favourite colour is. When the magician does turn the picture around the audience sees the bouquet of balloons but this time they have all changed into the favourite colour of the birthday child!

It's ABC STUNG, brought right up to date with a kicker finale. Modern looking and fresh for today's performer. Cards measure 20cm x 25cm approx (8"x10")

Birthday Party Prediction


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