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Two tricks in one!  Great display of hats.  Its a Magic trick it is a prediction with a ton of fun and comedy wrapped into a solid routine.  This was a staple in my summer show this year and now it is in my family shows as well.  

Hard Hat Hysteria

  • Child from your audience is selected to help. You display a cute coloring sheet featuring a boy in construction attire. Your young helper signs their name on the tool box in the drawing, and the signed sheet is placed on your table.   A HUGE rack displaying 6 colorful hard hats (which has enhanced your stage and show theme during your entire performance!) has an "Under Construction" sign (your PREDICTION) hanging above it. The colorful hard hats get eliminated by your helper, one at a time, until only ONE hat is left!* Not the Hot Rod Force!
    The selected hard hat (Red) is placed on your helper's head, and they are given safety goggles to wear.
    The "Under Construction" envelope is opened to reveal image of a HUGE RED HARD HAT -- proving you knew which color hat your helper would choose!
    The coloring sheet that was signed at the start of the trick is displayed showing the boy in the picture is now magically wearing safety goggles and a RED HARD HAT!

    Comes with everything:
    *6 Plastic Colored Hats *Crafted Wooden Hat Holder * One set of the full color Construction Kid sheet with gimmick ready to go (enough for 12 performances) *USB thumb Drive with Artwork of the full color Construction Kid sheet so you can print them *Laminated prediction and envelope *For the worker who does back to back shows, I am including a 2nd force color.
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