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The perfect addition to any Christmas, Holiday, or Winter Show for children and families. Its a nice surprise and its great for DECOR! PACKS so small and YET looks big and plays big!  The product comes with just the box and inflattable snowman.  The remote to power on and off the inflattable.  You supply your own decor, small boxes, & lights that is seen in the video. 


You show a small box with nothing in the box.  Your assistant from the audience helps make a snowman appear in that small box.  After several failed attempts with magic wands, finally a small snowman does appear in the small box but behind me and helper is the inflattable snowman popping out of the box.  The audience starts screaming.   


The does require power but I supply you with  a remote that will power on and off the inflattable.  So if you want to just face the audience and say "Frosty was going to appear but I don't think he is going to make it!" And behind you the inflattable starts popping out the box.   Kids love this and it looks great for decor.  

Click on the video to see more!

Snowman From a BOX!

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